Monday, 26 March 2012

Xenapp Questions

what is a data store?
The data store is the database where servers store farm static information, such as configuration information about published applications, users, printers, and servers. Each server farm has a single data store.

what is a data collector?
 A data collector is a server that hosts an in-memory database that maintains dynamic information about the servers in the zone, such as server loads, session status, published applications, users connected, and license usage. Data collectors receive incremental data updates and queries from servers within the zone. Data collectors relay information to all other data collectors in the farm.
By default, the data collector is configured on the first server when you create the farm, and all other servers configured with the controller server mode have equal rights to become the data collector if the data collector fails. When the zone’s data collector fails, a data collector election occurs and another server takes over the data collector functionality. Farms determine the data collector based on the election preferences set for a server.
Applications are typically not published on the data collector.

what is the use of zones
A zone is a grouping of XenApp servers that communicate with a common data collector. In large farms with multiple zones, each zone has a server designated as its data collector. Data collectors in farms with more than one zone function as communication gateways with the other zone data collectors.

what will happen if IMA fails
if IMA service stops the communication between data store and the server not happen. new connections can't be broked but existing connections will remain.

what will happen if data store corrupts
what is the requirement for installing xenapp6

Query command in citrix?
query [appserver | object | process | session | user] [/?] 

How does Citrix load balancing work?
Difference between published applications and Published Desktops? Pros/Cons of both.

Load Evaluators in Citrix?
1. Default Load Evaluators
2. Advance Load evaluators
3. Custom load evaluators

IMA port number?How to change IMA port?
IMA port:-2512...we can change IMA port via "imaport /set" command line or via local registry.


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