Monday, 3 September 2012

VMs are getting blue dump

VMs are getting blue dump

Hi All,

It has been observed that VMs which are provisioned from PVS 5.6 is going to blue dump state and this is mainly happening for win7 VMs. If you call citrix support they will say you to add additional 8GB of HDD for capturing the dump to find out which component is causing the blue dump. But guys there is a basic check list before calling the support. I can prove that the below check list has solved my issue....

Is there any new hardware device attached to your VM recently.
Any patches or hotfix has been applied to your VM?
Large Send Offload is disabled or not if you are using a xenhypervisor and your ethernet is a citrix PV Ethernet...This need to be checked under the Advanced configuration settings of your PV adapter....

Hope this will fix your issue....guys trust me it is working in many infras after doing the above change...

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